Emma taking photo test bigger
Here are my daughter’s fingers taking our first ever photo for Instagram which we styled together. I can’t believe those fingers are nearly eleven (sigh). We style all the photos together and she has an amazing eye. She will go around the house, rearrange things, and say “Mummy it’s not modern”. Love you Emma.
It’s definitely a family business. My middle child, Selma, gives excellent design advice, and my youngest, Alva, is my main squeeze for deliveries and Chief Cushion Filler Fluffer-Upperer. It’s interesting at times to say the least, trying to get the prints heat set while tip-toeing over toys for example, or having to stop in the middle of a large screen print run when I get the call that I am desperately needed in a bottom wiping situation. Still, can’t help feeling that when I look back at the end of my life that this – trying to work and be with my beautiful little people who need me – will be the single best part of it.